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I started reading  Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte this week and stopped after having read (listened, actually) to multiple chapters.  Why?  I can’t connect.  I really can’t root for the “heros” of the tale.  Heathcliff is unhonorable and Catherine is a whiney butt/two-year old who has never learned to not throw a temper tantrum at the smallest of annoyances.  I am not saying I will not take it up at a later time, but, I do not have much time to read at present and must use my reading time for things I want to read before going back to school. 

Despite the earlier complaints, I do think it is well-written.  As I listened to the recording, I was able to hear, feel, and see the moors.  The fires and the snow were all so familiar and alien to me.  

Until Our Next Meeting.

The Lost Writer of Rohan