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I did not intentionally avoid reading The Witches in elementary and middle school, even though it was on the list of required reading in my school district.  I just didn’t have time to read it.  So, I finally got it on audio book.  I am rather glad that I didn’t.  It would have disturbed me, even with the warped childhood I had.  (While most of my friends weren’t allowed to even know the plot of The Nightmare Before Christmas, my parents regularly encouraged me to watch it.  Oh, and Svengoolie.  Let’s not forget that my parents let me stay up late to watch Svengoolie.)

Anyway, a boy gets turned into a mouse by some witches.  Okay, normal Ronald Dahl stuff.  However, what disturbed me was how death obsessed Dahl was in this book.  First, both of the boy’s parents die in front of him.  No biggie.  Normal kids book stuff.  (Disturbing isn’t it?  Parents being whacked is considered normal.)  Then, they whack all the witches by having their heads whacked off as mice.  Then, the kid is happy that he is only going to live nine years so he can die with his grandmother.  It disturbed me.

I generally like Ronald Dahl.  This book, not so much.

Until Our Next Meeting.

The Lost Writer of Rohan