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I have pondered lately about various things: Communism, Objectivism, the individual, God, stories, folklore, fairy tales, myths, and legends.  Here is something I thought up while I let my dog out tonight.

A person needs to tell their individual story.  Eventually, that story does not belong to just the person telling the story, but to that person’s friends and family.  The story becomes a part of them and that thread of a story is bound with other threads.  Eventually, friends and family stories become the communities stories.  It becomes a strong rope.  Other communities’ ropes become tied with that rope creating a great net.  It is truth.  The net catches us from falling into nothingness.  If we do not have thread (the individual) we do not have rope.  If we only have string wafting into the wind by itself, we have no purpose.

I think that all societies fall into one of two traps: only the individual matters or only the community matters.  Both are wrong but both have some truth in it.  Without community we die.  Without the self, we die.  Everything Jesus Christ taught, everything the Bible taught in fact, creates the beautiful balance of the two.  Do I know how that works?  Not at all.  Do I want to understand?  Yes.

Does that all make sense?  No.  I had to write it down or lose it for forever.

Until Our Next Meeting.

The Lost Writer of Rohan.