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I really thought I got over my angry writing phase after seventh grade.  (I try to block that year from my memory.)  However, yesterday and today I went on an angry writing spree. 

Yesterday, I wrote two personal essays.  The first was supposed to be angry.  The second was not but I figured out fairly quickly that it was me getting my frustrations out.

I was exhausted before dinner from my writing spree.  I wrote my first essay in under thirty minutes and my second in under an hour.  I thought that I would be able to avoid it today.   Wrong!

Due to a variety of deaths, everyone at my campus is rather depressed.  Today, we heard about three more deaths in the past week.  I spent thirty minutes of chapel writing two very angry poems about life, death, and Elijah.  The chapel was on Elijah and it was very good.  However, I was reminded of some sermons that were not so good on Elijah and it just made me mad. 

So, I am emotionally exhausted.  I feel cleaner in my soul for getting all of this junk and poo out of there, but it is just a sleep inducing process.

I have no idea how one of friends can fill a whole journal of angst poetry.  I also do not understand how writers (such as Louisa May Alcott) could write in such hurricanes of emotion.

Until Our Next Meeting,

The Lost Writer of Rohan