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I am watching a documentary called Afraid of the Dark.  It talks about all the different reasons why humanity is afraid of the dark.  I do not believe in evolution so I do not believe it has to deal with that.  Genetic memory?  Possibly.  I have not studied it that much.  Passed down lore from generation to generation?  Most definitely.

However, I think there might be a Biblical connection.  In Genesis, it talks  about how God visited and walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day.  Due to the way the Fall plays out, I think it was probably in the evening, near twilight.  So, I was wondering, “Maybe Adam and Eve were cast out at night.”  All of the paintings and drawings I have seen of the Casting out of Eden, shows it as a bright afternoon.  I think the closing in of darkness would be more poetic because they are no longer allowed to see God’s Light.  Without God, we are in darkness.  (Thus, people needing to see “the Light”.)  Christ refers to himself as “the Light”.  We are to be “Light unto the World”. 

I think we are scared of the dark because of our inner, unconscious desire for God, and our fear to be without him.

Just a pondering.

Until Our Next Meeting.

The Lost Writer of Rohan.