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I took my baby sister to see Devil (because she likes horror movies and I like thrillers, especially around Halloween).    Seeing as M. Night Shyamalan is behind it, I was intrigued.

Okay, I figured out the plot twist thanks to being an Agatha Christie fan.  However, I was surprised by the spiritual depth of the film as well as the cinematography.  I won’t reveal everything but there were two main themes: Confession and Forgiveness.  If we do not have those two, we are damned to Hell (whether literally or figuratively).

Another great message is that, if there is a Devil, then there must be a God.  God is not mentioned until the very end of the film, but it is the whole point of the film.  I think that is what Nihilist, Existentialists, and some Atheists and Agnostics miss.  They think “Oh, there is evil in the world, so there must be no God.”  However, how can there be evil, if there is no good?

SEE THIS FILM!  It is a fun philosophical and theological film.

Until Our Next Meeting,

The Lost Writer of Rohan.

Also, there was secretly a “wear your seat belt or DIE” message in the film.