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Dear Readers,

Alas, I have been far too busy to write lately.  For the first time in about three months, last night, I was able to read for fun.  My other writings have been on the down low and I am grateful to my friends who started a writing competition in August because that is the only way I have had any writing material for our meetings (besides some things I have scribbled in class).

The WikiLeak…yeah… it is not legal.  Nothing bad has happened…yet.  admittedly, most of it has been funny.  (“Kim Jong Il looks a little pudgy.”  “Hollywood combats terrorism with Desperate Housewives and David Letterman.”)  However, it could be a lot worst.  Sure, the head of WikiLeaks is Australian.  He was given the information by an American soldier though.  He should be put on trial for treason.  Unless it was a true injustice (such as Watergate), I do not agree with the information being leaked.

However, I do agree that less stuff should be secret and confidential.  Fewer people should be allowed access such information.  (A private got his hands on a lot of juicy material for crying out loud!) 

Once again, however, I think somethings should stay secret.  A lot of the juicy stuff was off-hand comments (like something you tell your best friend when you are blowing off steam).  Everyone has their bad moments, even government officials. 

And the dude needs to go to trial for the alleged rape charages. 

Now, I go off to be shot by both sides.

Until Our Next Meeting,

The Lost Writer of Rohan