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I am currently listening to Owl City “To the Sky” waiting  for my lemon infused tea to cool.  This is only my second time trying a lemon flavored tea and the first was not all that bad.  However, it was not lemony enough.  What is the solution to this?  More sugar!

Now this might sound strange but I have learned this over the years with lemon hinted foods.  When I was baby, I would suck on a piece of lemon just for the shock factor.  (That might explain my desire to read banned books, despite having no interest in a book title otherwise.)  Now, with that exception, I have noticed that a cup of lemonade isn’t really lemony without at least a spoonful of sugar.  (This also makes the medicine go down, but that is a song and dance that I do not feel like doing at the moment.)  Having made multiple lemonades since my removal of most caffeine in my life (caffeine free does not exist in most restaurants)

I have experimented many times with lemonade.  I wish I could drink it as water with half a lemon straight up, but the lemon does not taste like lemon without the sugar to contrast it.

I have noticed this often in life.  I am sure this deals with Western philosophy and the need for contrast, but it is amusing at times.  I have friends who should hate each other, but they really bring out the best among each other.  Now, I cannot find the quote at this time, but it was either C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien who said that without one friend, another friend (say, Sam) is missing part of his Sam-ness.  It is true.  Maybe that is where the phrase “opposites attract” comes from (though it also deals with the molecular level of life, the universe, and everything).

Anyway, I just had this little thought as I was waiting for my tea to cool.  It is quite good, actually.  I think it’s the sugar.

Until Our Next Meeting,

The Lost Writer of Rohan