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I am a fan of Glee.  I have no issues with the show…generally.  However, I did not like the new episode “Comeback”.  The story was unusually weak this week.  Beiber nearly killed me from the badness.  (I am sorry Beiber fans, he is a female version of Jess MacCartney and Aaron Carter.  He is nothing new nor is he a great singer.) 

Then they sang “This Little Light of Mine”.  I really don’t think that the show knows what that song is about.  It refers to Jesus’ teaching on the Gospel and how we are to show it to the entire world and not hiding it.  The show has repeatedly shown that they are antagonistic to Christianity.  It just bugged me.  Use it.  It is not that bad of a Sunday School song for AWANA.  However, KNOW WHAT A SONG IS ABOUT BEFORE YOU PUT IT ON THE AIR NO MATTER WHAT OR WHO IT IS ABOUT!

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The Lost Writer of Rohan