I have always found it fascinating that a duck’s quack does not echo.  (Scientists don’t know why.) 

In England, we saw a lot of ducks.  In my experience, ducks generally avoid humans.  One of the ducks jumped on a bridge wall and came five inches to me to have its picture taken.  It wasn’t even a vain guy!  It was a plain jane girl!  admittedly, it wanted food, but still…strange things indeed my friends.

Why are people freaked out by rubber duckies?  THEY’RE ADORABLE!  Have ye not seen the rubber ducky song? 

The final mystery is that there are three ducks that are waddling (and yes, they waddle) on the lawn across from my dorm.  They have been visiting for about a week.  The mysterious thing to me is that two are guys and one is a girl.  Why aren’t they fighting?  My good friend, who writes http://vitanienna.wordpress.com/, thinks that the girl is just a slut.  I, however, find this an unsatisfacotry answer. 

Plus, as I was walking to my writer’s group, I saw the girl and one of the guys sleeping.  (They were so cute.)  The third was nowhere to be found.

No, I am not fond of ducks. 

Until Our Next Meeting,

The Lost Writer of Rohan