My life has been a lie! *melodrama turned down* *cough* Anyway, apparently, I did see Labyrinth growing up, but it obviously did not have an effect on me, either good or bad. Seriously, I remember when various episodes of Star Trek: TNG premiered and that show ended before I could spell my name. I remember watching The Ten Commandments on TV when I was four and when the trailer for Pocahontas premiered. I have memories from when I was eighteen months old. My memory has never been this bad!

Apparently, my Father ADORED this movie. How in the world can I not know David Bowie if my rock-and-roll/B-Movie loving Father watched this with me!?! Seriously!?! What happened? Did I get dropped on my head or something between when I saw it and now? I feel like someone has sucked my very movie loving soul out of me. “You remind me of the babe”. Yeah, if I could remember the babe. *sob* And I thought this review would be a “piece of cake”.

Now back to your somewhat sane programming.

Until Our Next Meeting,

The Lost Writer of Rohan

P. S. If you couldn’t guess it, I am purposely being over-dramatic in this post. I am not that heart broken but I thought it would amuse you, dear readers.